Oana Farcas
In the Womb of Light
09.01.2015 – 14.02.2015
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LARMgalleri is very pleased to present In the Womb of Light by Romanian artist Oana Farcas. In this new body of work Oana Farcas explores the light. For Oana Farcas light is a female entity. It has a womb. Alexandru Polgár, editor of IDEA arts+society/Journal of Contemporary Arts, Theory and Politics, has written a text for the exhibition:

“There are two Eastern European languages that create their word for “world” out of their word for “light”, or a version of it – Romanian (lume) and Hungarian (világ). This foundational logical-poetical gesture goes against the grain of the entire Western thinking, which, since Plato, imprisons us in a cave of ignorance (“darkness”) only to promise us a (logical, un-real) Sun (of knowledge).” (For the full text visit www.larmgalleri.dk)

Oana Farcas (b. 1981) lives and works in Cluj, Romania. Recent solo and group exhibitions include Espace Cultural Louis Vuitton, Paris, Black and White Gallery, New York, Rema Hort Mann Foundation NYC, CCA Andratx, Mallorca, Art Center Hugo Voetens, Belgiium, Museum 21C, USA, ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum and KUNSTEN, Aalborg. In the Womb of Light is Oana Farcas’ third solo exhibition with LARMgalleri.