Tony Matelli, Gavin Turk, Nicola Samori, Viktor Rosdahl, Ditte Ejlerskov & Asger Dybvad Larsen
At the Crack of Dawn
10.04.2015 – 23.05.2015
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LARMgalleri is proud to present the group show At the Crack of Dawn with selected works by Tony Matelli (US), Gavin Turk (UK), Nicola Samori (I), Viktor Rosdahl (S), Ditte Ejlerskov (DK) and Asger Dybvad Larsen (DK).

The exhibition title At the Crack of Dawn serves as a metaphor for a specific mode of perception: in the early morning hours, the subject begins to perceive the world around them, and attempt to convey, through structures, the objects they encounter. The subject is yet to transition into their habitual state of awareness. Sensory data do not integrate with a stable system of meaning, and the boundaries between dream and reality, object and subject are not yet clearly demarcated.

The exhibition At the Crack of Dawn presents artistic positions that grapple with the thresholds of human subjectivity, and which dismantle media constructions of visual and textual codes of communication. Works in the exhibition explore these visual codes and their impact on our worldview: they transform society’s mechanisms of image production, uncover the identity politics behind them, and reconfigure them.