Asger Dybvad Larsen
Art as Art
09.01.2015 – 14.02.2015
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Asger Dybvad Larsen’s conceptual paintings are identified most clearly in their dialectical conversation with the medium's traditions and its classic structure. This is done with a substantial focus on the traditional paintings materials. He sands the painting so that the wooden frame appears as part of the piece. This particular process focuses on the physicality of the painting and stores the process in the surface of the art work - one of the medium's strengths. Asger Dybvad Larsen also works with surfaces in his paint-tray paintings. An acrylic paint-cast of the tray’s structural surface is mounted on a canvas and acts as an abstract motif in the work, and refers back to the precursors and the basic materials of a traditional painting.

Asger Dybvad Larsen (b. 1990) lives and works in Aarhus, where he is a student at the Jutland Academy of Art.